Friday, 11 November 2016

Migrate Content Database From SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016

Today we are writing about how to take content Database and restore the same to SharePoint 2016.
We are migrating SharePoint 2013 Content Database to SharePoint 2016. We have the case summary for the same, just example we have a content database on SP 2013 site which we want to migrate the same Site collection and information on new environment on SharePoint 2016.
To do this follow the below Steps:
  • Before doing make sure you have Farm administrator rights with your user account.
  • Login to SharePoint 2013 environment which you want migrate on SharePoint 2016. Then click on SharePoint central administrator 2013 and define which content Database you are going to migrate and find the SQL database Name as well.
  • We need to verify App Management which we want to migrate from the same
To do above: Login CA>Application management>Manage Web Application> defined the Web App.
Now we need to go back to view all site collections under the Application management, and define web application and select which you have define earlier from Web Application. Below the screen shot:
  • Go back to SQL server and take backup for Database and save in local system. To take full backup of Database using SQL server management Studio see below URL:
  • Once backup done follow below URL, we have posted recently about restore the DB.
  • Now go back to Central admin site and check Managed content database and you can see still we could not find any database on the same.
  • Go attached Content database we need to run restore or mount and attach database to see the result.
  • Run the following statement via SharePoint Management Shell:

Mount-SPContentDatabase "your_db_name" -DatabaseServer "your_sqlserver" -WebApplication
  • See the below result how it would be: maybe it we will run all command together we will getting some errors, so we can run like below as well.

  • Now go back to Central admin and select Manage content Database from Application management and Database options.
  • Go back to Site collection and select view all site collection and verified all site has been created and opening successfully with all data.
  • Now open the created site or migrated site and verified site is getting open.

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