Thursday, 3 November 2016

Manage list templates in SharePoint online and SharePoint 2016

Today we are describing about List template on SharePoint all version: so the content for manage list is:
  1. Create a list template In SharePoint
  2. Delete a template in the list template gallery on SharePoint
  3. Edit the list template properties
  4. Upload a template to the list template gallery
  5. Download a template to the file system

A site owner can create and delete list templates and edit the list template properties. List templates can be downloaded to a folder on the hard disk and uploaded to another site collection. In case if we want same data from a list on another site so we can create existing list as template with content or without content.
Create a list template In SharePoint
  • Open the list that you want to save as a template on the site
  • Click Settings and then click List ribbon on the site.
  • On the List setting page, In the Permissions and Management column, click save list as template.

  • After clicking on the Save as Template page appears; In the File Name box, type the file name to use for the template file.
NOTE: Do not add a file extension to the file name. The .stp file extension is automatically added for you.
  • To include the content that is currently in this list in the new list template, select the Include Content check box and click on ok
Note: By default, you can create a list template that contains up to 10 megabytes (MB) of content. Server administrators can increase this size limit, if necessary.
  • The new list template appears in the list template gallery. We can click on Template Gallery which appears on the screen or by selecting site setting from gear box and select List templates from Web designer galleries as well.
  • We can see here, created template is available on this page.
Delete a template in the list template gallery on SharePoint

  • To delete Template in the List template gallery click on the Site Actions menu Button image, click Site Settings.
  • In the Galleries column from web designer Galleries, click List templates.
NOTE: This option appears only to users who have the Manage Lists permission. Site owners have this permission by default.
  • The List Template Gallery page appears. In the Edit column, click Edit Document Properties for the list template that you want to edit. Edit the information that you want to change, and then click OK.
  • Or select template and click on files from ribbon bar and click on delete document to delete template.

Edit the list template properties
  • To edit created template on List gallery. Select Template and click on ribbon on site page and select files tab.
  • Then click on Edit Properties from the File tab, Here we need to modify as per our requirement and we click on save.
Download and Upload a template to the list template gallery
  • We need to download template which we have created and save on gallery template.
  • To download just click on created template, it will prompt to download gallery save the same to HDD or any of location.
  • Now we can see created template is download and saved on system in .stp format.

  • In case we need to upload this template to other site then we need to download this template or else no need to download for same site, just we need to go site contents and add an app and we browse by clicking next to apps, there we will able to see created template name will be available.
For other site:
  • Browse the other site on Office 365 or SharePoint 2016.
  • Now select Site settings from gear box on the site. Here select List gallery from web designer Galleries.

  • On the List template Gallery, select Files from ribbon page and click on Upload Document and select download path and then select the List template.
  • To create List with the help of List template, select Add an app rom gear box of site right side.
  • Just click on template test and feel the name then click on create.
  • We can see here all site contents are the same as previous site List.



  1. This feature is there from moss 2007 what is new within this feature...

    1. It's about new features added from MOSS 2007 to Till SP versions and look GUI will mater, will get confuse with old view and options so we are migrating the same and posting.. Thanks for your comment

  2. Hi Prashant, For a Outlook Group(Site) there is no List Template option under Web Designer Galleries. Any idea how we can get that option to upload a list template. Please try to reply early.