Monday, 7 November 2016

How to Shrink and create space or new drive for a Windows Server 2016 partition on your drive

Today we writing about how to shrink space from C drive or any other drive and make space for other drive. This is same as earlier version of any windows machine.
So we start doing the same step by step with screen shots on windows server.
We have a server with 100 GB space and we want to make other drive with some of storage space.
  • Start a server and login with administrator account and click on Server manager. Then Select Computer Management from Tools on the top of Server Manager
  • Select Disk Management from Storage option on the Computer Management.
  • Select Shrink Volume and wait for Querying and enter the Amount of space which you want to shrink and click on Shrink.
  • Once done that selected space will be unallocated now we need to create new drive if we want to create or want extend. Right click on unallocated amount of space and select simple Volume and assign the space and click on create after following the options like assigning space drive and format and click on finish.

  • Once all done, it will ask to format the drive. Format drive and now it will show like this.
  • On the my computer it will look below:

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