Thursday, 10 November 2016

How to Create and Delete a User Profile service application in SharePoint Server 2016

Today we are writing about how to create and Delete a User Profile service application in SharePoint 2016 using Central Administrator.
See the below URL for more details for User Profile service application in SharePoint Server 2016:
Below are the steps to create a User Profile service application
  • We need to verify that the user account that is performing this procedure is a member of the Farm Administrators group for the farm for which we want to create the service application.
  • Click on the Central Administration home page, in the Application Management section, click Manage service applications.
  • On the Manage Service Applications page, on the ribbon, click New, and then click User Profile Service Application.
  • After clicking on the Create New User Profile Service Application page, we need to follow some steps to create the same
  • We need to type a new name for the User Profile service application, In the User Profile Service Account select the user name. and Application Pool name as well this is mandatory we want to create our own New Application pool or can go ahead with Use Existing Application Pool.
  • We need to assign Profile database or leave default if wish
  • Following the same In the Select a security account for this application pool section, select the Configurable option, and then from the list select the account that you registered to run the application pool for the User Profile Admin Web Service.
  • Next we need to select Failover Database server, if we have, next we need to give Social Tagging Database, we need to assign my site Host URL and MY site managed path as well.
  • Remaining leave as default, once all done click on ok to create User Profile service application, after clicking it will task some time to create User Profile application.
  • Once all done we will get below successfully message.
  • We can verify the same has been created using Central Administrator service Application. Here we can see some more application has been created associated to the same. Also we can see the on Database server also there will four DB will be created.
Delete User Profile Service Application from SharePoint Server 2016:
Today we are writing about how to delete a User Profile service application in SharePoint 2016 using Central Administrator.
Access the SharePoint central Page and click on Application Management tab on the left side of the screen. Here select Manage services applications option under the service Applications.
  • Once selected the same as above, it will take us to Services Applications page, where all service use to show up after installation, also from here we can install the services as well.
  • Select Service Application and click on Delete option from the Service Application Ribbon and select delete data associated with the service Applications if u wish to delete the same.
  • Click on ok, after some time and “the service application has been deleted” message will appear.
  • Wait for some time and verify the Application which was showing on Service Applications page will no longer available, also from SQL server we can define DB will be deleted from the same.

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