Tuesday, 8 November 2016

How to Create quota templates in SharePoint 2016 Site collection

A site collection can be as large as the content database size limit for the applicable usage scenario. For more information about the different content database size limits for specific usage scenarios, see the Content database limits table in this article.
As per TechNet recommend limiting the size of site collections to 100 GB.
Today we are showing you about how to create Quota template in SharePoint 2016.

  • Open SharePoint 2016 Central administrator site by searching on server and login with given credentials.
  • Click on create site collection under the Application Management and select manage Quota Templates from Quota template from the Create site collection wizard page.
  • Once click on the same, It will take us to Quota Templates wizard here We need feed below information:
New Template Name:
Limit Site Storage to Max of:
Send Warning Email when site collection storage reaches
Send Warning email when usage per day reaches
In the Sandboxed Solutions with Code Limits section, set the values for a template for sandboxed solutions.
In the Limit maximum usage per day to box, type the daily usage in points.
In the Send warning e-mail when usage per day reaches box, type the daily usage warning limit in points.
A point is a relative measurement of resource usage, for example, CPU cycles, memory, or page faults. Points enable comparisons between measurements of resource usage that could not be compared otherwise.
  • Once all done click on ok to create site quota template.
  • Verified the same by coming back to site collection and selecting Quota template.
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