Thursday, 17 November 2016

How to Add Content Types to Libraries in SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online

Today we are showing how to add content Types in Libraries or List in SharePoint 2016. The same steps we can follow for SharePoint online as well to configure it.
We are using content type to set or upload different type if information on the Library or list to show the data more than a default view.
Below is the steps to configure the content types for SP online and On Premises step by step:
  • Login to the site with authorized user account and password.
  • Click on Gear box from the right side of screen and select add an app and created a document library.
  • Once Library is created open the document library by clicking on the same
  • Once library page is opened verify, how many types of content allowed default to upload.
  • Now as per requirement, we can select different types of content on the same Library.
  • To add content type for any of Library we need to select Library setting from Library Ribbon item. See below
  • Once click on setting page, select advance setting from the below screen.
  • After clicking on advance settings, it will take us to Advance setting page where we need to allow content type to add on the library, by default it will not allow to add any other content on the site library.
  • Just click yes on the Allow management content type and click ok to save this setting.
  • Now, it will come back Library setting page. Where we can see on the Content types add from existing site content types will be enable. In my screen shots we have added some content types for testing so ignore and go ahead with next steps.
  • On the Add content types we need to select required content types and send the same by clicking on add button and click ok to show on the library page. See below:
  • Now come back to Library page, select new document and we can see all added content type is visible on the same. Now we can as mentioned types of content on the Library page.

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