Monday, 28 November 2016

How to Increase Sandboxed Solutions Resources quota in SharePoint 2016

Today I am writing about how to increase Sandboxed Solutions Resources quota in SharePoint 2016, recently we tried to upload a .wsp file and getting an error saying that “The site collection exceeded its daily resource usage quota.”
Solution is here: We need to increase maximum usage per day of Sand Boxed Solution resources quota from central administrator page.
By default it will be 300 Points per day to user the resource quota.
Follow the below steps to configure sandboxed solution resources In SharePoint 2016:
  • Login to SharePoint Central Administrator site.
  • Click on Configure Quota and Locks under the site collection.
  • Once clicked it will take us to Site collection quotas and locks page, where we can see many of options, but we need to see only about sandboxed solutions limitation.
See below option to add the more resources quota:
  • Change the site collection.
  • Scroll down page to Site quota information and increase the maximum usage per day of sandboxed solutions resources.
  • Also if you want change, email warning for quota limitation we can change here only.
  • Once all done click on ok to effect the changes.
Now login to the site and try to add those .wsp file you won’t get any issue.

A different version of this App is already installed with the same version number

I am writing about an issue, which comes frequently for installing any of APP file SharePoint online or On premises.
When we are trying to add any App file on SharePoint solution site, some time we use to get below error:
“Sorry, something went wrong
A different version of this App is already installed with the same version number.  You need to delete the app from the site and the site recycle bin to install this version.”

Solution: Below are the steps, which we need to follow to short out this issue.
SharePoint Online:
If you have hard coded file then you can use below steps using Visual studio in easy way, if you don’t have any idea about coding and if you are from admin team, below is the steps to come out from the issue.
  • Login to the office 365 SharePoint and delete the installed app on SharePoint site collection, after deleting it will move to Recycle bin, delete from recycle bin.
To do this: Go to site collection>PWA setting> Recycle Bin from Site collection Administrator.
  • Next once it will delete from recycle, this file must be available on second stage of Recycle bin.
To do this: same as above>down of the page, Click on second stage Recycle Bin
  • Delete From here also, now we need to go back to the SharePoint online Admin center.
  • Go to Admin center and select SharePoint under Admin Center page

  • Once click on SharePoint, it will take us to SharePoint online site. May be you need to re-enter Password here.
  • Now select Apps, under the SharePoint Admin center page

  • Select App catalog from the apps page.
  • Her we need to select Apps for SharePoint, to select hosted App on SharePoint site collection.
  • Download the apps which is getting an error while installing or adding that apps, just click on App file it’s will download automatically.
  • Save that file to directory on local system, now open folder where save .app file.
  • Rename the file App to .zip to change version number.
  • Once click on yes to change name extension, it will be showing you in zip format.
  • Double click on the same file will navigate an open in the directory.
  • Here we need to open App Manfiest.xml file to change version number.

  • Change version number and save this file and close zip navigated file
  • Now rename the .zip file to .app file and re-upload the same after deleting from SharePoint online and then try to create hosted app on the site collection.
  • You will not getting any error from creating respective app.
Comment if finding any issue following the above.

How to Delegate permission for a User’s or Group in Project online.

Today I am writing about how to delegate permission for a user’s and Groups in Project online step by step with screen shots.
We have option in PWA (project online) to delegate and act user role same account from any of the users.
Example: we have admin account and we need to update some data or Timesheet for a user’s, but we don’t have their user id and password.
But still we can use the particular user for updating timesheet in Project PWA, we are functioning the same for Project online, also we can use this for on premises as well.
Follow the below steps to Delegate the user permission using Admin account:
  • Login to the PWA site with authorized user account and password.
  • Now click on Gear box from right side of page called setting and select PWA setting.

  • Click on the Mange Delegates under Personal setting on the first option of PWA setting.
  • On the Manage delegate’s page, we will getting option from Ribbon page called Delegations, select the same and click on new option to create new delegation.
  • Once clicked on new, it will take us to Add delegation page, where we need to set following options to configure properly.
Set Delegation Period*:  Select the period during which the delegate will be able to manage work
From date to next To Date*: between these date user can access the delegation.
Set Delegate *: The delegate that you want to manage work during the specified period  
Working on Behalf Of*: The person who requires a substitute
  • After feeding all required field click on save to take effect.
  • Once you will save this, you will redirecting to Delegation page, where you can see your account is added as delegate the users.
  • Now To start the delegation, click on PWA setting from Gear box of the page and select Act as a Delegate
  • Now on the Act as page, select created delegation user and click on Start Delegate session from Delegation Ribbon page.
  • Once you will start the session you will getting the delegation act as information on the page, which is about you are acting this page as mentioned user.
Note: We can stop the delegation by selecting same user under the Act as delegation from PWA setting and stop delegates from above screen.

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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

How to create Groups and add Members in the groups for Office 365.

This article is about how to Manage Groups and members of the users on Office 365, we will showing you how to create Groups and delete group, adding member for the created group removing the same.
Follow the below steps to complete the above tasks with screen shots:
  • Login to the Office 365 Portal Admin Center page with authorized user account & password.
  • After login redirected this page to Admin Center old view or continue with latest view.
  • Here select Groups from the left side of screen and select groups under the same.

  • Now once select Groups, it will redirect us to Group page where Groups would be created.
  • Here we need to select Add A Group from the top of page

  • Now we need to assign the Group Information on New Group page like:
Type of Group: We have multiple Group Type with different.
Group ID* default it will take
Description: If would like to describe about the Group
Send Copies of Group …

Office 365 groups are a great way for teams to collaborate by giving them a group email and a shared workspace for conversations, files, and calendar events.
Security groups control access to OneDrive and SharePoint and are used for Mobile Device Management for Office 365.
Distribution lists send email to all members of the list. You can even allow people outside your organization send email to a list.
Mail enabled security groups can be used to control access to OneDrive and SharePoint as well as to send email to all members of the list.
  • Once all done Click on Add button to create very first Group on Office 365.
We are cratering Office 365 Group for demo, below are the screen shots for All type and required details page:

  • Now click on ADD to create this Group, if you wish to cancel this you can click on cancel at any time.
  • Once added it will appear on Groups page, again select the group to add Member by default Owner will be added as owner and Members as well.
  • Once selected Group, click on edit member page and add the user from there.
  • Now if you wish to remove the member from the particular group follow the same steps as above and select user and click on remove user from the Groups and click on save to take effect.

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

How to Add “Add ins” on SharePoint Online or project Online

This article is about adding “Add ins” on SharePoint Online or project Online, in day to day task or monthly task with SharePoint online we need to add some of add-ins on SharePoint online or Project online.
When we went to add the same add ins with MS support blog site, we found some difficulty to do this as there was no screenshots or details.
Today I am writing this about how to add SharePoint or Project online add-ins with screen shots:
  • Login to the SharePoint or Project online site with authorized user account and password.
  • Now click on the gear box on the Top site of the page in right side.
  • Now click on add an app option from listed options, after clicking on the same it will redirect us Site contents and Your apps page.
  • Here we need to select SharePoint store from left side of screen under the tab of your apps.
  • Once you will click on the same, page will redirect to SharePoint store page, where we need to search app or add INS which we want to install.
  • Once search result came on the screen click on the searched Object and add it. There will be free apps and add ins and chargeable also so decide as per your requirement and go ahead.

  • We need to click on trust it option to add successfully on the site page.
  • After adding the selected and added App will be showing on your Site content page.
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Monday, 21 November 2016

How to set a page as Home Page in SharePoint Online site

Today we are writing about how set Site page as home page in SharePoint online step by step with screen shots.
  • Login to SharePoint online site page with valid user account and password.
  • Once logged in successfully, navigate your custom site page by entering valid URL.
  • Once you will come to page, click on the Make Homepage option from the ribbon bar on top of page tab.
  • Now click on Make home Page option to set custom site as home page in easy way.
Note: we can do the same using SPD as well.
Below are the steps to configure the same using SharePoint Designer.
  • Login with Valid URL and user account with SPD
  • Now Navigate the site to New Item created on the site.
  • Once we will select site pages, under the SPD from left side of the screen select any of .aspx page and right click on the same and select option set as Home page
We can verify the pages from Site content of the site on site Pages.

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Friday, 18 November 2016

How to add Web parts on Site pages in SharePoint 2016

Today we are writing about how to add web parts on Site pages in SharePoint 2016.
  • Login to the site and click on gear box of the site in right side of the screen.
  • Then click on site content option to open site contents page.
  • Click on Site pages to open the same.
  • In case if site pages Content Library is invisible, Kindly activate the features to show the Site pages on the Site contest.
  • To activate the Site features> Site setting> Manage Site features under the Site collections> Activate Wiki Page Home Page.
  • Now on the Site pages, click on the Files options and select New document, Here we need to select Web part page. See below.
  • Once select Web Part Page, it will take us to create Web part web page. Here we need to assign Name and Layout from the template, Save Location from Document Library and click on create.
  • On the create page we need to add a web part, in my case we are adding what’s happening from Community categories and click on add.
NOTE: for above web part we need to activate Community features from site features option see above we have given how to activate.
  • Once added the web part, stop editing and go back to site pages. Here we can see our Web part has been added also many other features added after activating community site features.

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