Thursday, 10 November 2016

How to Delete Application Pools in SharePoint 2016

When we are trying to create new service application after deleting same UPS service, getting an error called “Sorry Something Went Wrong An object of the type Microsoft.sharepoint.Administrations. SPIisWebServiceApplicationPool named “Ups_SP2016” already exist under the parent.
So first we will find Application pool using PowerShell command on SharePoint server.
  • Open SharePoint Management Shell Command prompt and run as administrator
  • Then Type below command or copy and hit enter.
  • We will be getting output like above and we found UPS_SP2016 app pool is exist.
  • So now we need to delete the same to get rid of this issue. On SP powershell run below command:
Get-SPServiceApplicationPool -Identity [Name of the application pool]
Enter the identity and hit Y to complete this.
See below for more details, once done verify using Get-SPServiceApplicationPool command.
Now try to create service Application, you won’t get above error

Hope this help ☺

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