Tuesday, 15 November 2016

How to Create and manage Views SharePoint 2016

Today we are showing you about View Type and how to create View on SharePoint 2016.
What is SharePoint view?
SharePoint view is way to show the data in List or Library data so that we can find the exact data from the list in predefined view. With views in SharePoint, we can use identify and styles to show, in different ways, the information available in your lists and libraries.
We have by default 4 Views on View type on SharePoint 2016 or any of list or library.
Following are the below:
  • Standard View: View data on a Web page. You can choose from a list of display styles.
  • Calendar View: View data as a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar.
  • Datasheet View: View data in an editable spreadsheet format that is convenient for bulk editing and quick customisation.
  • Gantt View: View list items in a Gantt chart to see a graphical representation of how a team's tasks relate over time.
We can customise the view or create also using SharePoint designer:
  • Custom View in SharePoint Designer: Start SharePoint Designer to create a new view for this list with capabilities such as conditional formatting.
In this article we are showing you how to create view with available view types.
First of all we need to create any of list or Library on Site page and need to add some dummy Data, See below:
  • Now we will create the view to show the above data in organized way.
First we will create Standard View (By default any of list of Library view will be Standard View)
  • Click on The Library or List and click on Library setting or List setting and scroll down the page to View sections on the site page.
  • Now on the View section select Create New.
  • After clicking on the Create New it will take us to Create View Type Page. Here we need to select any of View, currently I am creating with Standard view.
  • After clicking on standard view we need to assign View Name and select fields which u are going to show this particular View.
See for details for View section from below Link:
Datasheet View
  • Follow the above steps for the same and assign the name and click on ok to create datasheet view and see click on created View to see the result.
  • Calendar View:
In this view we have different option from earlier view we need to select Calendar columns and select other options then click on OK.

Gantt View:
In this view assign the name and select columns which we want to show in this fields and select Gantt Columns on below of the columns options.
  • We can modify and manage View from Library setting or List setting under the Views, Just click on view and modify as required, you delete as well from here itself.

Check below for more details from Office Blog page:

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