Saturday, 12 November 2016

How to save site as template in SharePoint 2016

Hi Today, we are writing about how to save site as template in SharePoint using Web site page setting and SharePoint designer.
Just example: we have one SharePoint 2016 site, which we need to setup on another server same as impacted or copy of the same with content or without content.

Follow the below steps to complete the same:
Method first (Using Site setting option)
  • Access the project site or team site and login with administrator rights user account.
  • Click on gear box of site and select site setting page.
  • Now click on save site as template from site action option on the site setting page, it will take us save as template wizard page.
  • On this page, give File name, Template name, and description and at the end select include content if you want to copy with all site content and list.
  • Now click on ok, to create site template and it will save to solutions gallery from where you can download and deployed to other server as well or the same server.
  • From the solutions gallery, we can download and save the same to local system.
  • This saved template you deploy the other server as well.
Second method using SharePoint Designer:
  • Open the SharePoint designer 2013 and access the team site or project site.
  • Now select Psite site object and click on save as Template from Site ribbon and feed the name and description and click on ok.

  • Now save the same and deployed the same to other site.
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