Wednesday, 9 November 2016

How to Delete Search Service Application from SharePoint Server 2016

Today we are writing about how to delete a search service application in SharePoint 2016 using Central Administrator.
In my last blog we have written about how to create Search server Application, see below URL:
Access the SharePoint central Page and click on Application Management tab on the left side of the screen. Here select Manage services applications option under the service Applications.
  • Once selected the same as above, it will take us to Services Applications page, where all service use to show up after installation, also from here we can install the services as well.
  • To delete Service Application we need to delete some of associated Application which use to get create while creating and configuring search Service Application. When we delete a service application, we have the option of also deleting the service application database.
  • Select Service Application and click on Delete option from the Service Application Ribbon and select delete data associated with the service Applications if u wish to delete the same.
  • Click on ok, after some time and “the service application has been deleted” message will appear.
  • Wait for some time and verify the Application which was showing on Service Applications page will no longer available, also from SQL server we can define DB will be deleted from the same.


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