Saturday, 12 November 2016

How to Create a BCS List Including a Database from SharePoint Designer 2013

  • Open SharePoint Designer 2013 on the server or your system and access the project site
  • Enter the Credentials user name: pass:
  • It will open SharePoint Designer wizard, Click in external Contents Types from Site objects
  • Click on external site contents type and under the external content type information page provide below highlighted information.
  • Now click on external system link as below:
  • You'll see a dialog appear, prompting you to select Data Source Type as pictured below.  Select SQL Server
  • After selecting the Data Source Type, fill in the SQL information fully, including Database Server, Database Name and Name (Optional) as shown below:
  • After creating connection successfully, Type the name of the view under search external data sources box from which this list need to be created.
  • Now right click on BCS list under Project Summary2
  • Click on Create all Operations, New All operations wizard will open do next and Check Project Identifier here like below and click on finish.
  • Now click on save to save the connection settings
  • Go back to External contents types, Double click on created BCS list and edit Connection Properties
  • Click on connection Properties page under the default and client tab select Authentication mode as (BDC identity and Check to specify secondary secure store application ID as ProjectServerApplication) then click ok.
a. Default Tab:
b. Client Tab:
  • Click on Create list and form from Ribbon bar, Click on radio bottom create new External list assign name and click ok
  • Now it will start Creating List form for Project Summary2.
  • Here we will verify BCS List will be created

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