Wednesday, 2 November 2016

How to add apps to your sharePoint 2016 or SharePoint online Site.

Today we are showing how to add an apps on SharePoint site, we can add multiple Apps on Site as per customer requirement on site. As we have posted about use to SharePoint Apps and definitions in early post.
Please refer below URL for more details about SP site details:
So to add Apps on SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint online is similar.
We can add an app (for example, the Announcement app) to your site by following these steps:
  • Browse your site with given credentials.
  • Click on Gear box in left side on site page and click on add an App
  • It will take us to Site Contents>Your Apps. Here we will select Announcements Apps and feed the Name in the box.
  • Click on Create, wait till it’s getting create the same. Once it will created will redirect us Site contents page. Here we will verify apps is created.
Note: Same process and same steps to create apps on SharePoint Online. See below for example:

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