Saturday, 12 November 2016

How to Change the primary or secondary site collection administrator in SharePoint 2016

We are showing you how to change site collection administrator for SharePoint 2016 by using SharePoint 2016 central administrator or Using SharePoint 2016 Management shell.
Follow the below procedure to change site collection administrator.
To Change the above using SharePoint central administrator:
  • Click on start button on the server and search SharePoint 2016 Central Administrator and run as administrator
  • Make sure you are login with farm administrator
  • Then click on Application Management and select Change Site collection Administrators options like below:

  • On the Site Collection Administrators page select site collection from Site collection options.

  • After clicking on ok it will back to site collections Administrator page, here we need to select Primary and secondary site collections administrator. Select user name and click on ok.

To add a primary or secondary site collection using management Shell 2016.
  • Click on search button on the server and search sharepoint 2016 managmetn shell and run as administrator.
  • Run below command with your required modification:

Set-SPSite -Identity "<Your SiteCollection>" - SecondaryOwnerAlias "<User>"

  • <SiteCollection> is the URL of the site collection to which you want to add a site collection administrator.
  • <User> is name of the user whom you want to add in the format <domain>\<username>.


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