Tuesday, 15 November 2016

How to add a title, logo, and description in SharePoint 2016

Today we are showing how to Change the Site Title, Logo and description, we can modify this as per our customer requirement.
To change the above follow the steps:
  • Login to the site and click on Gear Box on right side of site
  • Select Title, Description and Logo under the Look and Feel
  • On the title description and logo wizard we need to select and feed below:
Title: Enter the Title for the site
Description: Enter the description of the site
On the Logo and Description: Insert Logo from Computer or From SharePoint and enter Logo Description. Add a document dialog, type or browse for the filename and then click OK.

  • Once all done click on OK, it will take us site setting page and select go to Home site page now see the result will be excepted as per given above.
See below for details:

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  1. under Look and Feel, I do not have the "title, description, and logo" link. Any idea why?