Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Remove and Add “Get started with your site” Web Part.

This article is about how to remove Get started with your site and add the same using web part available on SharePoint.
SharePoint pages regularly consists of construction blocks called web parts. When we create a team site, the “Get started with your site” web part will be added by default. “Get started with your site” provides Six (6) quick links displayed as tiles, so called promoted links.
I have written article for the more details about Get started with your site, in that articles we have mentioned all details with full description about the same. Please refer or Log to below URL to check the same:
  • Remove the web part Get started with your site:

Click on Remove this option on the get started with your site page. See below screen shot for the same:

  • Add the web part again to the site by following these steps:
    • Login to the site and navigate to Get started with your site and Click on ‘Edit’ on the top Page ribbon page or setting and select edit page, the page will open in Edit mode.
    • Now click on insert ribbon page and select web part
    • Select Media and Content and select get started with your site page and click on ‘Web Part’. There are several categories. Under ‘Media and Content’ you will find the ‘Get started with your site’ web part.
    • Select the web part and click on Add.
    • Wait for some time it will get add now click on Save the changes by clicking on the ‘Save’ button. 
We can see the web part for “Getting started” page on web part gallery of site collection. Navigate the setting page to site setting of and site collection and select web part from web designer Galleries.

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