Monday, 12 December 2016

How to create SharePoint online subsite using available template on SharePoint

Today I am writing about how to create subsite using available template on SharePoint online.
We can create subsite under a site collection, A subsite in SharePoint online used to manage different projects.
In my last article mentioned “Brief description about Site templates in SharePoint 2016” see below:
But I have noticed there is a new template (Duet Enterprise) available on SharePoint online. Below is the screen shot for SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint online.
SharePoint on-premises:
SharePoint online:
Duet Enterprise features available on SharePoint Online: It is used to provide access to SAP from a SharePoint Environment. Duet Enterprise rests heavily on BCS and requires additional configuration to activate. See more for Duet enterprise features from below link:
Let start from creating subsite on SharePoint online step by step:
  • Login to the site with user account and password, click on Site setting page.
  • Once site setting page will be appear on the screen, select site and workspaces from site Administrator option.
  • Now click on Create option highlighted below.
  • Once selected create option it will us to create new SharePoint site. Here we need to select Name, description, Site web Address (URL Name), Template selection (we need to select Language and template from below), Permission and following as per below screen shots:
  • Once all done click on create below of the page to create the page, wait for sometime your site will be created and will automatic navigate to created page.
  • Another method to create the same, select Site setting option and select site contents and select New Subsite from the site contents page, refer below screen shot
  • Now we are creating SAP workflow site as this is new features for SharePoint Online and recently they had activated this feature to the site.
  • Below is the screen shots for the creating SAP workflow site.
  • Now once all done, click on create and wait for some time and SAP workflow site is created and will be showing on the navigated page.

Now we are going to create all template on SharePoint online and will be showing the steps and resulted page as well.
To create site template with selected template follow the same steps as above, just we need to select template and assign the name and create the same.
  • Team Site: Under the collaboration template, First view for team site page
  • Blog Site: First page for blog site page.

  • Project Site page: Landing page for Project site on SharePoint online
  • Community Site: Welcome page to the community page
  • Document Center: Use this site to create, work on, and store documents. This site can become a collaborative repository for authoring documents within a team, or a knowledge base for documents across multiple teams.
  • Record Center: Use this site to submit and find important documents that should be stored for long term archival. Submitted records are automatically placed in the correct library and folder based upon the properties you fill out.
  • Basic search center: here we can search any thing from this page, we will show the result as well refer the screen shot

  • Visio Process Repository:
  • SAP workflow site from last template:
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