Wednesday, 7 December 2016

How to create web App on Azure step by step with screen shots

Today I am writing about how to create web App on azure step by step, we are creating this using latest Portal view of Azure cloud.
Follow the below steps to create web App on azure:
  • Login to the site and login with user credentials
  • You will be getting portal page will show the dashboard, here we need to select New option from the left side of the page.
  • Once select new option will move to Marketplace place, here we need to select WEB+Mobile option, once we will select the same we will get web app dashboard.
  • Here we need to select web app from the down of the page see below
  • On this page we will getting description about web app so read this to know the use and features and click on create option below

  • Here we need to assign App Name and subscription, resource Group, App service plan/location also need to select Application  insight and click on create option. See below screen shot
  • Once clicked on Create, and wait for some time and here you go your web app is created.

Here you go, First web app on azure is created and deployed successfully.
Now we can manage app services on azure only, like we can download Publish profile and use this file to Visual studio.
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