Friday, 9 December 2016

How to share site page with other user on SharePoint online and 2016

This article is about how to share site pages in SharePoint any of the version, here I am showing for SharePoint 2016 and online.
The steps which I am doing here, same steps will be followed for other versions of SharePoint as well, so we will have a small description and use about share the site pages for SharePoint.
Just example: as per customer requirement we have created a site and this site default only access for admin or user who has created the same, for other user access we need to give them permission and we need to share the site.
If we are not sharing and user will try to access the site will get an error saying “you don’t have permission to access this site, Please contact administrator” or “Sorry this site hasn’t been shared with you”
So here we go:
  • We have created a project sub site and this site I am going to share with existing users
Note: we can share the site with outside of organization as well, we will be writing about the same in next article.
  • Now are trying to access the same site with user account which is not share with the same. We will be getting below error:
  • Now we will share this site with user who is existing in the organization.
  • To do the same, we will go back to the site where we can SHARE option on the top of the page.
  • Here just click on the share button will pop up for Share the site or sub site.
  • Here we need to enter the user name with whom we need to share, will automatic find the user and click on show options for a select a group or permission level.
  • Just click on ok to share the same with user account and go back to client user and try to access the site.
Here we can see the share with users list by clicking on Shared with option from left side of the screen.
  • Now see below is the result; now we are able to access the same.
For SharePoint Online we need to have user account on users and groups as well.

  • Add the user from admin page of SharePoint online office 365.
  • After adding go back to site with appropriate user id and password and click on share option same as above.
  • Once all done, do share with user from share button and add the user also select permission level which defined default.
  • Now try to access this site from added user account, we will get result.
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