Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Create First App Catalog Site collection on Office 365/SharePoint Online

Today I am writing about App Catalog site on SharePoint online. We all knowing we need to add our app file on SharePoint online Apps for SharePoint under the App Catalogs.
As a developer we use to develop Application and more which we need to deploy somewhere on the site to use the function and features. To do this we use to create our App file in .app format and uploading the same to App catalog.
By default App catalog site won’t be available if we are using first time SharePoint online/Office365.
We need to create App catalog site where we can upload our application file to use.
Follow the below steps to configure and deploy your first app file on the same:
  • Login to Office portal with Admin account and password.
  • Once login to the page, select Admin centers option from left side of page.
  • Once clicked on Admin centers it will expand with multiple options, here we need to select SharePoint.
  • After selecting SharePoint option it will redirect us to SharePoint online Administrator page. Here we will getting option called APPS in left side of the screen.
  • Select Apps will open new wizard page about apps, here multiple option will be showing we need to select app catalog option

  • Click on App catalog option will take us App page, here we need to select for Apps for SharePoint. Here we will get option like below screen shot:
  • We need to create new app catalog here if we have existing we need to call under the box and click ok.
  • My case I am creating new App catalog site collection, so follow the below screen shots information and feed the same and click on ok.
  • Wait for some time will created soon.
  • Once done we can verify the same in the site collection page.
  • Now we can go ahead following above go to App page, select Apps catalog and select Apps for SharePoint.
  • Here we will not get earlier screen page, directory it will ask to upload your app file and start working.

That’s all…

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