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How to Create SharePoint Picture Library in SharePoint 2016 or Online

Today, I am writing about creating SharePoint Picture library in SharePoint 2016 or Online. Also I will describe about what is picture Library, Use of Picture library.
I will be covering below points:
  • What is a Picture Library?
  • How to create Picture library?
  • How to add columns for Picture Library?
  • How to add or Upload picture Library?
  • How to deleting Pics from Library?

As per the TechNet, A picture library allows us to share a collection of digital photos or graphics. With the help of Picture library we can store pics and share the same with team mates using share Link While photos can be stored in other types of SharePoint libraries, picture libraries have several advantages. We can edit this picture from a picture computer, and edit your pictures. We can also easily link to photos in your picture library from elsewhere on your site, such as pages, wikis, and blogs.
How to create Picture library?
  • To create the picture library all we need to do is login to the site with appropriate permission.’
  • Click on gear box of site right side page and select Add an App.
  • Once clicked on the same, it will appear with site contents page.
  • Here we need to select or search Picture Library and add the name to create the same.

  • Now click on create button to create the Picture library, wait for some time and we will get created Library like below.
How to add columns for Picture Library?
  • To add columns for Picture Library, we need to open picture Library and select Library setting from Library Ribbon page on the top of the screen.
  • Here we need to select create columns from down side of the screen and click on create columns and add the filed name type and select create.

How to add or Upload picture Library?
  • Adding or uploading Picture to created Picture Library is easier on the same, we have various ways to add or upload Picture to the same.

Method 1:
  • Here can add the picture using Upload option on the Picture Library, just select Upload option and navigate folder to saved location. We can do the same using Open with Explore in case we have sync drive with local system.

Method 2:

  • We can upload the images using Files ribbon from the top of page, here we need to select upload option from the same and need to Navigate folder same as above. Refer below screen shot

  • Now on the navigating folder we can add one picture or multiple at same time. Same screen shot will be for both above method.

Method 3:

  • We can upload pictures by dragging and dropping the same to Picture Library. We snap a pic while uploading by dragging and dropping.

  • After uploading the same pics to Library we will be getting output or we can say result:

How to deleting Pics from Library?
  • Navigate to the site containing the picture library for which you want to delete pictures.
  • Now select Images one by one or multiple at same and click on Files ribbon page and click on delete Documents.
  • If you wish to delete one by one we can follow above method option, or select eclipse button on the selected images and select delete option.

Views for Picture Library:
As we are knowing the SharePoint Picture library lets you upload and store photos and images that can be used in your site or shared with others. Using different views let you organize and see them in different ways.
By default we can see we will have few of view created for the picture library, below are following:

  • All Pictures: All Picture view will showing us all picture in data view as we are seeing in List library.

  • Thumbnails:  This view will be showing us the nail of the images.

  • Slides: This view will be showing us image as a slider screen, here we can do customize the view size, speed to forward to next images and many more

  • Etc...

  • How to Edit pictures in Library:

We can edit uploaded picture or image on Library itself, like we can rename the Name or Title.
Download pictures from the library:
  • Navigate to the site containing the picture library for which we want to download pictures. On the Quick Launch bar, click the name of the library, or click Site Contents and then click the library title.
  • Select a picture which we want to download, so click on the ellipse (this will be visible in all picture view only) next to the Picture name or title.
  • Now we will getting many options over here, we need to select download option to download the Picture.

  • The file should be downloaded into selected folder.

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