Friday, 23 December 2016

How to Restore a Deleted User Account in Office 365

This article is about how to restore a user Account in Office 365, in case we have deleted any of user accidentally we can recover the same user if deleted before 30 Days. When we can restore the same account within the period of mentioned time, here we can restore entire data or other important things.
Below is the step by step procedure to restore one or one more deleted Accounts:
  •  To restore the deleted user account we must have admin permission for office 365, which will allow us to restoring user account.
  • So Login to the Office 365 portal page with admin user account and password.

  • Now we will be appearing with Admin Center page, here we need to select Users from left side of the screen, here will be getting Deleted Users from the above.

  • Now once selected deleted users, we will be redirected to deleted users page. Here we can see the deleted users will be listed here.

  • Now select any of users, will be prompt up a page of user properties page. We can notice here option called Restore.
  • Just select restore option, will prompt restore page, here we will get option called Auto generate page or Let me create the Password, Also we will see check box to send password on the same.

  • Here just select restore, and will be restore the user successfully and will get page like below:
  • Now go back to the deleted user page and can see the user is restore successfully.
  • In case if you wish to restore multiple delete users select all users and follow the above steps


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