Tuesday, 27 December 2016

How to assign task to user and send approval using Workflow in SharePoint online

Today I am writing about how to assign task to user and send approval using workflow in SharePoint.
We have pre-requested to do the same:
  • We need to create A document Library on SharePoint site
  • Once library created we need to upload or add some data on that library
  • We need SP designer Application to configure the same

To do the same, we have to follow below steps with screen shots:

  • Login to the site and create Library document, we need to select Setting gear box on the Top of the page and select Add an App.
  • On the Site contents>Your Apps and click on Document Library and Enter the Name want to mentioned
  • Once assigned the name, click on create option as above, will be getting page like below

  • Now open the create Document file and add or upload documents here. If you wish to upload created docs just click om Upload button or Drag or Drop to the Library, If you wish to create new document from available features on Office 365, we need to select New and select word file, excel or other available option.
  • Now document has been created, here so we move to create workflow from this particular list. To do the same we need to select workflow from library ribbon.
  • Here just click on drop down arrow and select “Create a workflow in SharePoint designer”
Note: make sure SP designer has been installed on your system.

If wish to install SPD 2013, download from below link and install to the local system or accessed server:

SharePoint Designer 2013 is the tool of choice for the fast & quick development of SharePoint applications.

We will have two type of SP designer; 32 bit and 64 bit. Select appropriate version of SharePoint application and download the same.

  • Now move to the next, once we will click on it will ask permission to use and allow SP designer, here click on allow and click on yes.
  • It will take some to retrieve data and fetch from SharePoint site. If you are going to do first time it will ask user name and password.
  • Assign user name and password and click on Login, after Login it will prompt Create List workflow for select List
  • After assigning Name, enter description and select the platform to build your workflow, here I am using SP 2013 workflow and click on ok.
  • Now we are on the page to create action to complete this task, I am adding all required action and user email where we need to send for Approval.
  • Here we need to Log message for workflow, on the next page we need to add Action called Assign to user where you want to send, task Title or other available details (make sure document is having selected field name) and click on ok.

  • On the Transition to stage page we need to end workflow.
  • Now all set, we need to check for any error on the top of page, and publish this workflow, it will take bit of time to publish the workflow.
Note: we can modify this workflow as per our requirement like if you wish this workflow will get start if any new item added or edited the same.

  • To do the above we have select, Go back to workflow created home page and tick mark on start option for below options:
Start workflow automatically when an item is created
Start workflow automatically when an item is changed

  • Again publish the same.

  • Come back to site Library page and start workflow to get result. On the Library of document select document and select Workflow from File ribbon page.
  • Now we will get workflow page here we need to start the workflow by clicking on workflow showing here. I have highlighted the workflow where we need to click for stating the workflow.

  • Now workflow will get start, we can see the on the workflow
  • Now select the document or check the email and select on linked document

  • Approve here or reject if it is not suitable

  • If Approved, it will take us to List page and will show the task completed


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