Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Office 365/SharePoint Online Home Page and Creating Team site

Today we are showing you about office 365/ SharePoint Home page, Many of new comers for Office 365 is having more doubts or not clear about SharePoint Online and Office 365 pages.
As we are knowing office 365 is an applications plus other productivity services that are enabled over the Internet (cloud services).
See more from below:
So if you O365 subscription we will login to office 365 portal and we will seeing the below page as in startup.

  • On the above screen shot we can see all application will be added as thumbnails gallery, so just click on selected Application it will created new wizard.
  • In my case I am going with SharePoint online, once we will click on the same it will take us to SharePoint online page.
  • Above screen is the SharePoint page from SharePoint online Group.
  • Here we can see in the left side of the screen page, multiple pages has been created that’s called Team sites.
  • So here we can created team site as well from the same, showing on the top of the page called “Create Site”

  • To create new Site page on SharePoint online page: click on Create site option highlighted on above screen shot and add team site name and description then click on next:
  • On the next page we need to add user who wants to access:

  • Then click on finish.
  • It will redirect us to created page and it’s will show like this:
  • This is what we have basic with SharePoint online and it’s easy to handle and monitor the same.
We will keep updating more about SharePoint online. Please comment or write me if any other details required.
Thanks :)

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