Monday, 19 December 2016

Follow a document or website in your organization

This article is about how to follow a document or website in our organization.
Follow a document or web site to see notification or update in our newsfeed when any team mate updates the document or share it with others and also to keep the document in updated in followed document list. Follow a site to keep it accessible in a list of Followed sites and to see site feed activity in our own newsfeed.

How to follow a document

As we know before you can follow a document, you need permission to access it. You’re granted this permission when another person shares the document with you. Typically, you can follow documents in a Shared with everyone folder.

To follow a document:

  • Open or Browse to a document library on a SharePoint or Office 365 team site.
  • To browse your personal library, click on one drive.
  • Click on the Library or folder that contents the documents or files which we want to follow.
  • Click on ellipses next to the document title and select follow option from drop down.

How find a document that you follow

  • Click OneDrive in the header from a SharePoint or Office 365 site.
  • Click Followed Documents in the Quick launch on the left. Or, click Newsfeed in the header and then click the number for documents under I’m following. See below

How to follow A website

  • Go to a SharePoint site that you want to follow.
  • Click on follow in the top right side of the page.

  • Once clicked on follow option, we will get notification about you have started following this site.


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