Monday, 12 December 2016

How to Modify and manage user name on Office 365 or SharePoint Online

Today I am writing about how to Changes and update Office 365 admin account or other user account as well. So here I will showing you all details step by step with screen shots.
We need to change some time Office 365 user account name and other details as well, to do so for we need to follow below steps:
  • We must have office 365 admin account, login to the Sp site page or admin page.
  • Select user from right side of the page and select view Account see below screen shots.
  • It will take us to account details page, here we will getting many options below.
  • Here select personal Info and we will see all details in the right side, here we will get option to edit all details see below
  • Just click on edit which you want to update and save the same, we can change picture as well for user account by clickin change Photo and will ask to upload the pic from computer or other option.
  • On the setting page, we can change Theme as well for office 365 page.
  • One of the option from left side, Install status from here we can see installed software and also monitor where and all we have installed and how many places is in used for Office 365 Apps.
  • Now come up to Subscription option, here we can find Licenses is assigned for this user. See below
  • Here you go for My account, full summary of the pages will be showing on this page. We can select any option and can access the page directly from the page.

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