Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Get started with your site web part in SharePoint online

This article is about get started with your site web part in SharePoint online or other version of SharePoint.
The get Started with your site web part is not new web part as it is already introduced in SharePoint 2013. This Provides a sequence of 6 (six) quick links shows as tiles that links on the page.
Those are like:
  • Share your site
  • Working on deadline
  • Add Lists libraries and other apps
  • What's your style?
  • Your site.  Your brand.
  • Keep email in context (new in SharePoint online)
  • Share your site: tile results in a popup enabling you to configure access permissions or see the shared with result as well.
  • Working on deadline: displays a popup listing links to the Tasks and Calendar lists, We'll help you by adding a Project Summary to your home page and the following apps:
  • Add Lists libraries and other apps: this tiles navigates the browser to the Site Contents page where we can add list library and etc…
  • What's your style?: It will take us to change the look page directly where we can choose and select different from default
  • Your site.  Your brand: this will display and navigate us to Site branding page where we can change Logo and others details
  • Keep email in context (new in SharePoint online): This is very new for SharePoint Online, This will allow us to add site email box directly by clicking on ADD it.

This page appears on the Home page for those site collection template types for which the Wiki Page Home features is activated, default it will be activated.
If we will deactivate the same site features then we cannot see the same result default, we need to add back the web part for the same.
To access the site collection Features: setting>site setting>site features under Site actions and scroll down to see the result:
The Get started with your site web part is an associate of the collection of web parts existing to all site templates. We can add back the web part available in web part gallery default and we will get same output by adding the web part if we are going to deactivate this features from site collection.
We can find this web part, by default, in the Media and Content group of web parts, below will be result if we are adding. If we are deactivating Wiki Home Page features we will get output as blank on the page.

To add back the get started page using web part.
Click on page ribbon then click on edit page and add web parts from the same.
From the web part page, scroll down and select Media and Content and select web part called Gest started with your site. See below
Later stop edit this page, and we will getting same page back.


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