Thursday, 8 December 2016

How to add a Video to SharePoint online site

Today I am writing about how to add a video in SharePoint Online site pages. We can add a video on SharePoint page in many ways but I am doing this using Assets Library.
So below are the steps to configure the same in real world environment.
  • Login to the SharePoint site page with valid credentials, in case if you have site access directly login to the same or access via root site (site collection)
  • Now once login to the page, select site setting page and click on site contents option from right side of the screen; see below:

  • Search assets Library from search box or click on next arrow to find the same Library on SharePoint Library.

  • Click on Asset Library and enter the name and click on ok.
  • This will take us to Site contents where Assets Library will get created, here select the same and upload the videos.
  • Once added click on ok, it will ask to fill the form about document related information, just assign those and click on save. We need to add wmv file only.

  • Once all done click on play to see the video, also you can share this link to the person for updates, see the below screen shots for more details:


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