Friday, 23 December 2016

How to Create a Web Part page in SharePoint Online

Today I am writing about how to create web part page in SharePoint Online, A Web Part page efficiently supports the optimal use of web parts. With the help of web part we can use links, Image or other web parts pages in SharePoint. A Web Part page can also be set as the home page.
So below are the steps to configure the same:
  • Navigate the site collection and Go to Site Contents, then scroll down and click icon- Site Pages.
  • Here click on new option and Click the dropdown arrow on New Document button on the Ribbon. Select Web Part Page shown under options.

  • Enter the Name this page. Next, select full page vertical. Click Create.
  • Now from the add a web part page select any of given web part as listed below from categories a dn select one of web part from the same.
  • Once the Web Part Gallery opens up, you will find a web part for every list and library in our site Click the Image viewer List. Finally click Add.
  • Once Web Parts are added, click “Stop Editing” as showing in the ribbon.

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