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SharePoint 2013 or 2016 Configure antivirus settings and features

This article will guide you about SharePoint Antivirus settings and features. I will explain about how to use Antivirus for SharePoint server.
If we have configured SharePoint server either in single farm and multi-tier farm, we need security for those. So by default SharePoint server will not protect us from virus in farm, like someone uploading any data will not check virus or anything it will directly upload.
We can activate antivirus events only after installing a compatible antivirus scanner. In a server farm, we must install antivirus software on the server in case we have multi-tier farm then need to install in Web front-end server in the server farm.
Below are the steps to configure the security and use their features in SharePoint:
  • Open SharePoint Central Administrator  with administrator rights
  • Central Administrator page will displayed at browser page, here we need to select security option from left side of the page.
  • Once clicked on security page, it will redirect us security wizard where many options will be available, Here we need to select Manage Antivirus option from General security; shown below

  • Once clicked there, we will get Antivirus page where we need to do configuration and setting for the same
  • We can see there will many option available on this page, below are described each one:

  • Antivirus settings: will specify the behaviour while uploading document in the list or Library. Following option will be available for those:
  • Scan documents on upload: by select this setting to scan uploaded documents. This helps prevent users with infected documents from allocating them to other users in the farm.
  • Scan documents on download: This feature specified that to prevent users from downloading infected documents by warning them about infected files. If they wish to download after notification it will allow Users can still choose to download infected files, if the file or document is not effected with virus documents is not selected.
  • Allow users to download infected documents: If this option will select it will allow users can download infected documents. But we by default this setting will be select for SharePoint anti- virus. Don’t recommended always keep deselect (clear checkbox) this option.
  • Attempt to clean infected documents: Selecting this setting to automatically clean infected documents that were discovered during scanning the uploading any file.
  • Antivirus Time Out: in the Time out duration (in seconds) box, type a value for how long to wait for the virus scanner before timing-out. Maximum we can put 999 (second)
  • Antivirus Threads: This is for Number of threads box, type a value for the number of threads that the virus scanner can use. In this section also max value allowed 999.
By Default setting for Antivirus:

We can modify this setting as per our requirement also, see below screen after modification the anti-virus setting:

Refer below URL for more details:

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