Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Map SharePoint Online/on-premises Document Libraries as Network Drives

Today I am writing about a very useful stuff about SharePoint Online or on-premises that topic is “Map SharePoint Online/on-premises Document Libraries as Network Drives”.
Let’s assume we have a requirement from the customer about they need to Map Network drive into SharePoint online Document Library. Means whatever they need to copy to Library in SharePoint online that should be appear to the network drive as well.
If you know How to Map a Network Drive would be good because the same way we can do for SharePoint online Document Library also with some few additional steps.
Just for example showing you’re here how to Map Network drive, it’s very easy step to do in windows system, just we need to follow below few steps to Map Network Drive:
  • Open File Explorer and select This PC.
  • On this page we need to select Computer tab option from top of the page and select Map Network drive. See below screen shot:
  • Now select the drive letter which you would to select and next select path which you want to Map.
  • Click on Finish, now we can see selected path is mapped here.
There is lot more in Map drive which I am going to skip, you see from Google for other details.

So continue with subjected Topic:

Now we show above how to Map a drive in windows system.
  • Launch Internet Explorer. This is a very important step, as this system will not support or work in other browsers, it won’t work for Microsoft edge also which came in windows 10. In Windows 10 we need to search for IE by hitting the Windows key and typing in “Internet Explorer”.
  • Just log into the SharePoint online site with authorised user account and password.
  • Add a Document Library to the SharePoint online site.
  • To add> Click on site setting page gear box on the top of the page and select Add an app.
  • For new appearance of Office 365, we can go to site contents page and select New, will show drop down here we need to select document Library and assign the name

  • Once we will select add an App, it will take us to site content page where we can see Document Library will be on top page only(we can search also from search box of site contents)
  • Now click on document Library and assign the name once name assigned click on create and wait for some time till it’s getting created.
  • Once now done, add some document here for testing propose.

  • Now click on Library from the top ribbon page of the Library and select Open with explorer

  • Once click on the above, it will prompt us for asking permission click Allow and wait for a second, it will open in your local machine directory.

  • Now to Map the same Library with network copy the URL pressing F4 or copy manually, Go to my computer page select as above screen shots, Just we need to assign the letter and paste the path to the Path box.

  • Once all done, select option called Reconnect at sign on or other available option it’s up to your requirement and click on finish.

  • It will map to your network of SharePoint Online Library as drives.

Now you can update data from your computer without going to the site

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