Thursday, 16 February 2017

Manage Tasks List in SharePoint Online

A SharePoint Tasks list displays a collections of task that are the part Project. A tasks is discrete work item that a single person assigned.
In this article, you will learn about the following:
  • Create Tasks List
  • Creating new Task
  • Creating sub tasks
  • Delete Task or subtask
  • Adding Tasks to Timeline and removing from timeline
  • Indent and Outdent
  • Task Views and Columns
So let’s start one by and we will show the demo also for each points.
Create Task List on SharePoint Site: we have few of steps to create task List in SharePoint online and the same steps will be applied for other SharePoint online version as well.
  • To create task List in SharePoint online, Login to the site and navigate your page to site contents, click on gear box on the top of page and select site contents or click on quick launch site contents.
  • On the site contents page, select New drop down box and click on App
  • From the App page, search for Tasks and click on tasks app file.
  • Once clicked on tasks, it will appear to assign the name, enter name and click on create. Now Tasks list is created successfully and appeared on the site contents page as well.
Creating new Task: We will show the demo for how to create New Tasks under the tasks list in SharePoint online.
We have few of steps to create new tasks under the Tasks List.
  • Open the Created tasks List and click on add new tasks from the page or select items and click on new tasks.
  • After clicking on New tasks, it will appear create task wizard, here we need to enter Tasks Name, Start date, End date, Assigned to from here we can save and create new tasks, in case you want to create tasks with advanced mode we need click on show more
  • Once click on show more we will get some more box to enter information called % completed, Description, predecessors (In case u have created more items) or default it will be none, next to option called priority we can set priority, task status we can configure task status here only. And click on save.
Creating Subtasks under the tasks List in SharePoint Online:
  • We can create sub tasks in case we have existing new tasks, we can’t create directly new sub tasks. To create subtasks under the tasks List.
  • Click on eciplips (click on “…” the preview pane)of created tasks and wait once property pop will appear.
  • On the pop up we can see, there will be on option called create Subtasks will be showing there, see below screen shot for more details:
  • Click on the create subtask and add task which you want to add here. We can add some more columns by clicking on + button shown below, fill the field and click on stop button to stop this task. Subtask will be indent to next of upper or main tasks.

  • Same way you can add multiple sub task for main tasks in the SharePoint tasks list.
Deleting Tasks or Subtask from SharePoint online tasks List
Its common task for every one like adding and deleting any of items or object from where we are creating.
Here I will be showing how to delete tasks or subtask under the task List in SharePoint online, we need to follow few of steps to complete this tasks.
  • Open tasks List and select tasks or subtask which you want to delete.
  • We can delete in two ways, like select tasks or subtask and click on items ribbon page and click on delete
  • Another way is select tasks, click on eclipse and another eclipse and select delete items from here see below screen shot includes both of way to delete tasks. It will ask permission before deleting and it will move to recycle bin so later you recover from the recycle bin also.
Note: If you have created subtasks under task and deleting task will delete subtasks as well.

Adding Tasks to Timeline and removing from timeline
  • When we create a task click on “…” to open task preview window. Here we can select “Add to Timeline” to add the task to the above timeline.
  • Once timeline will get added the page will look like below screen shot:
  • We can remove it same way with “Remove from timeline”. Just select the item in preview pane and click on remove from timeline:
  • We can add or remove the timeline from task ribbon page as well.
Note: We can add multiple tasks in the time line and can remove also.
Indent & Outdent the tasks in SharePoint Online:
  • We can indent task in easy way, like we have created some of subtask under the main task now I want to indent and show similar to the main task.
  • Select task, click on tasks ribbon page, we can outdent and indent also can move up and move down the task from here, see below screen shot:
  • We can add new task from the task Ribbon page, just select Insert it will add new columns u can enter the name of task and all field can update here.
Task Views and Columns:
Task views and column are also same as other list in the SharePoint online, there will some new columns and view will be added here by default.
  • Open task List created on SharePoint List and go to the List setting page and see under the Columns section there will some new columns added from default of Any List or Library
  • In the View Section we can see many default view has been created:
  • So we can add new columns here as well modified as per our requirement
  • The same way we can add view and can modify also existing view.
  • Go back to task List page and can change view from available option on SharePoint from List ribbon page or eclipse button. See below



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