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Basic of Project server Online and Project Professional 2013 & 2016

Basic of Project server Online and Project Professional 2013 & 2016
Today, I am writing about Basic of Project server Online and Project Professional 2013 & 2016.
In this article I am going to describe you about below points:
  • Project Online Home page
  • Create New PWA (Project web Access) account in Project pro
  • How to open a project from project site using Project pro
  • How to edit and publish the project using project pro.
Let’s start from each of points:
Project Online Home page: Project online home page is nothing but PWA site default page, it may be you’re customize page or default page.
  • We are going to demonstrate about how to open PWA site in Project online server
  • You should be PWA site URL, Login id and password
  • Open the same URL using any of browser, it will prompt us for enter user account and password
  • It will open default page of PWA site, see below screen shot for PWA site, we can see left side Project logo icon showing as Project.

Create New PWA (Project web Access) account in Project pro

Below are the steps to create Project server account on Project pro:
  • Open Project Pro server account, it will Project Web account and click on add from down side option, see below screen shot:
  • Once Project web accounts, is opened by default Computer account will be added, so add new account click on add now on the account properties enter the Account name, Project server URL (where your PWA site Url should be copied) down side we will getting option called set as default account means if you are opening Project pro page by default it will open with this given account only.
  • Once all done, click on ok and add the same to project pro, now open Project prop it will ask us to add the user account and password to the same.
  • Here enter your user name and click on next
  • It will take some time while searching the account and it will prompt us to ask for account type and etner the password to the next page.
  • Select keep me signed in, so next time it won’t ask for password. Automatically it will login to the account using project Pro.
  • Now we have done with creating user account and logged in created account in project pro with your PWA site where your all project are deployed.
  • Let’s start how to open project in pro first time, here I will showing all steps how to open your project in office and publish the same after updating.
See below screen shots, when we are opening any project from project server online using Project Pro
  • As I have mentioned above, how to create Project server account in Project pro.

How to open a project from project site using Project pro

  • Open Project in Professional, there is two way to open Project in professional from Project online or Project on-premises.
  • Login to PWA site and click on projects option from the left side of page, see below screen shot:
  • Click on indicator from the Project center page, it will get open in Project pro (make sure Project Pro) you have installed on your local system.
  • If going to open first time, here we need to add user account and password to project pro and click on ok.
  • Another way is there to create project account to project pro application.
  • Open Project server account from your system and add you PWA site account on the same.

  • Now open the Project pro and we need to open first Project, click on open and select pwa, below option will be available:
Project Web App> Project site URL (it will consist of PWA URL)
Click on Browse, here we can new wizard here in directory path of Project online
Next to page, on the dialog box we will get option show me the list of all Projects
Click on the same it will open with all project (this option will be available), it will be show all project here.
Select any one project here and click on open.
It will open a project in professional and we can task, project details options are available over there.
By default, project will be checked in, so before starting we need to checked-out to start updating. See below screen shot:

How to edit and publish the project using project pro.
  • Let’s start with project using project pro, once we have checked out the project we can edit the project as per custumer requirement and publish the same.
  • Just for example: we need to add some filed and update the same, highlighted one I need to update, just add new columns and add the field over there.
  • Once all done we can save or can publish this project, if we are saving it won’t effect on project online site, if we are publishing it will take effect to your site. See below screen shot:

  • After clicking on publish it will take us back to project professional page here we can see or monitor the project publishing status showing will be down at the page.
  • Once sync will get over,we will be getting option to publish project dialog box, here it will be asking to create new project site or want to publish directly in case if you don’t want to create site.
  • Click on publish button and wait till project is getting publishing.
  • See below the project publishing status, also one it will done will be showing your publish successfully.

  • To verify the project is published go back to project site online and click in project center page and filter with last project date.

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