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Learn All about Promoted link on SharePoint online or SharePoint 2016

Learn All about Promoted link on SharePoint online or SharePoint 2016

Today in this article I am going to discuss about Promoted link on the SharePoint online, also this will apply for SharePoint on-premises like version 2013 and 2016 as well.
As we know the promoted link is default App added on SharePoint Site contents or web parts. Promoted Links is very useful and frequently used features on SharePoint. By using this prompted links we can display links as icons or tiles on the web page after adding this web part on the same.
I am going to cover with this articles following points and will have step by step solution document with example:
  • Adding Prompted Links from site contents and will have demo task on this
  • Adding Prompted Links on any of page
  • Adding items on Prompted links and updating view

So let’s start working on above task one by one:

Adding Prompted Links from site contents and will have demo task on this
Adding prompted links from the site contents is very easy as this is default app available on SharePoint site.  So we will add prompted links app and will have some demo task on the same:
  • Login to the SharePoint online page with user id and password
  • We can navigate the Add an App option from Site contents using Site setting (Gear box on the top of page) and select site contents or we will get site contents option in left side of page quick launch (Default it will be added), once clicked on the same it will prompt us a page called site contents.
  • Here we need to click on add an app and search Prompted Links or we can find by scrolling down the page
  • Once you will get App click on the same and assign the name here and click on create.
  • Based on the name assigned it will create a prompted links and will show on the Site contents page.
  • Open the Site contents Apps and add an item by selecting items ribbon tab and add new items here.
  • Once selected the new item we will navigating to add new items page.
  • Here we need to add below following field and click on the save once all done

Titles: name you wish to enter
Background Image URL: Type or copy the web address of stored image path
Description: Link description would like to give  (Optional)
Links Location: URL of the object which want to prompt
Launch Behaviour: Select from drop down; there will be three drop down option available here in the page navigation, dialog & New Tab
Order: want to show in order.

  • Once all above field updated click on save button and we can see there will be one link created with image icon, just click on that to open prompted URL.

Moving to the next; Adding Prompted Links on any of page

  • To add prompted link on the page, we need to edit the web page from the top of ribbon page select edit.
  • Click anywhere within the outermost grey line and press Enter.
  • At the top of the page click the INSERT tab
  • We can see In the Parts section click Web Part.
  • Now select App section and find created Prompted Links and add it to the same, so adding prompted link as web part will add this on the page directly.
  • The “prompted links” web part will now be added to my SharePoint page.  Still we have not yet done, we have to save the change by selecting format text and save.
  • Once saving done, we can see prompted links will be showing on the page.

Last topic; Adding items on Prompted links and Managing views for the same
In this topic we will showing you how to add multiple items in prompted links and how to manage views like creating new views or updating existing view.

  • Go back to site contents and open the prompts links App which we have recently.
  • Click on items ribbon and add some more items as a link on the same and save this, same way we will as mentioned above to create items. Note: we can skip image also, if we are not adding image on any of items will prompt us like tiles.
  • Moving to the next, managing views on prompted links, we can edit view or create view in many ways from available option in the SharePoint online.
  • Select List ribbon and we can create new view from available option create view or you can change view as all prompted links and we can modify the view from here itself. Also we can modify and create the view from item section as well.

  • Another method to create or modify view is from List settings, select List setting from List ribbon page and click on create view under the view option
  • By default we will have two view created on the Prompted links called Tiles and all prompted links. And the tiles will be selected default view which we can change by modifying other view and select default.


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