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About the SharePoint Online admin role

About the SharePoint Online admin role
This article is about the SharePoint admin roles and to do task with Admin accounts.
SharePoint Online Admin: The person or object who is having initial permission to access everything under the server or any machinery object. Alternatively, in definition word I can say “A SharePoint administrator is the person in an organization who is responsible for overseeing an installation of the Microsoft SharePoint collaboration and content management platform and manage the all services, Application and other objects” To help your administer SharePoint Online, we can assign one or more users to the SharePoint Online admin role so in this case we can separate the tasks and duties with all other co-workers and maintain task status healthy.
So Today I am going to describe your each of the administrator roles available in SharePoint Online listed in order of the permissions hierarchy.
We have three types of Admin Roles security available for SharePoint Online, Below is the screen shot of Office 365 Security role:

For each of the security roles is having different roles and responsibility and above security roles s define office 365 and as we know SharePoint is having all control on the same, I will be described the all above security description.
  •  User (no Administrator Access): assigned this role for user who should not be part of administrator or part of administrator.
  • Global administrator: The Global administrator of the Office 365 portal is also a SharePoint Online administrator. When we purchased Office 365, once we will login to the purchased tenants a team site is automatically created, and the Office 365 global admin is included as the primary Site Collection administrator for that site (if you wish to change the same we can change later also). Make sure we need to assign yourself (Administrator) a SharePoint Online license to access these services or you will receive an "Access Denied" message.
  • Customised Administrator: under this administrator role we have many of application which we can configure.
The SharePoint Online administrator, chosen by the Global administrator, has access to the SharePoint Online admin centre and can create and manage site collections, designate site collection administrators, manage user profiles, and more. See more about this role's key tasks below.
As I mentioned, if we are purchasing new tenants with very basic subscription of SharePoint online, in my case I have taken a trial for subscription Office 365 Enterprise E5 Demo, and I have logging with given user account  (default that user is having administrator rights). So let us login to the site and access the Admin site and select SharePoint and we can see there will default site will created, shown below screen shot.
Steps: Login to the Portal Office site and click on admin option from left side of the screen:
  • Click on SharePoint: we will getting some site has been created and we can access the all site from default given administrator login. We can change this user also and make sure some user should be global administrator site and should added those user to the groups which can access all site given below.
Let us start back from SharePoint online Admin role: Using SPO online admin account we can handle most of task given on the tenants, like creating site collection, creating and adding new App under the App catalogue site, we can manage the most important part of SharePoint called User profile, can do settings and more.
  • Site collection administrator: The Site collection administrator, which can be designated by the SharePoint Online administrator, has permissions to manage a site collection. A site collection can have several administrators, but only one primary administrator it won’t allow us to add multiple primary administrator to the same. The SharePoint Online administrator can assign permissions to the primary site collection administrator when creating a site collection, and can add more administrators for the site collection afterwards. Site collection administrators do not have access to the SharePoint Online admin centre. We have option Manage administrator option on the SharePoint Admin page, select site collection and click on Manage and assign the Primary administrator and site collection administrator.
  • Primary Site Collection Administrator: Specify the administrator for this site collection. Only one user login can be provided; security groups are not supported for this.
  • Site Collection Administrators:  Site Collection Administrators are given full control over all Web sites in the site collection. They may also receive site use confirmation mail. Enter users separated by semicolons. We can groups as well for the site collection administrators. See below screen shot:

NOTE: we have a separate administrator role for Term store administrator, who can add or change terms in the term store, a directory of common terms you want to use across your organization.
Key tasks of the SharePoint Online administrator
Below are the some of the tasks users assigned to the SharePoint Online admin role:
  • Create site collections
  • Manage site collections and global settings
  • Assign site collection administrators to manage site collections
  • Manage site collection storage limits
  • Manage SharePoint Online user profiles
Don’t be confused with SharePoint Administrator & Office 365 role and types there is lot of changes in between both of administrator. Office 356 is platform where multiple of cloud services are available but SharePoint is part of that, using Office 365 we can user Exchange, Active Directory, Dynamics, Project server, Office, Sway, PowerApps, Flow and many other mores.
Next article I will be writing  “About Office 365 admin roles”.

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