Tuesday, 14 February 2017

How to enable versioning on SharePoint online or On-premises

Version control is a critical feature for any enterprise level document collaboration stage. In SharePoint, the versioning feature automatically saves every version of a document. This allows multiple people or user to make changes to a document without the fear of overwriting a previous version.
Most important and useful part to enable versioning on SharePoint List or Library will fix the issue in case of the copy become corrupted or unavailable in this case we can revert back to earlier version without any issue. We can retain both minor (drafts) and major drafts.  It is very important to keep in mind each version is basically a copy of our item (or document) so if we are saving more versions of a larger item this can take up more space on your SharePoint site.

Let’s start with step by step how to enable versioning on Library with screen shots:

  • Login to the SharePoint site with appropriate permission enabled user account.
  • Go to site contents by clicking on gear box from the right side of the page and open any one of Document library from site contest page.
  • Now select Library setting from the ribbon page, it will take us to the properties of document library.
  • On the setting page, select versioning setting from the general settings
  • On the Versioning Settings page click the radio button next to Create major and minor (draft) versions Example like: 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 etc…
  • Under Optionally limit the number of versions to retain: enter the following information: Check the box next to Keep the following number of major versions:
a. Enter – 5
  • Check the box next to Keep drafts for the following number of major versions:
  • Under who should see draft items in this document library? Click the radio button next to only users who can edit items.

Review your settings and click OK.

  • Pretty basic!  If you’re wondering how to check what version an item is or how to recover a previous version this will be covered in “How to recover an item from Version History”.
  • Once all done, go back to the List and click on ecilips and select version here we can see the version created for this file on the List


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