Tuesday, 14 February 2017

How to export a list from SharePoint online or on-premises

Today I am writing about “How to export a list from SharePoint online or on-premises” So Exporting a SharePoint list to our computer might which we don’t do daily but it’s good practice to do for those list which are very important. Just for example we have few of List which we need to Migrate from one SharePoint site to other instead of using any other tool we can use this by exporting and importing the same to other site.  As we know using the list export feature is a very simple and easy way to manually get all of the content in your lists and move it.
Also certain columns “Created”, “Created by”, “Modified”, and “Modified by” will not retain previous information, it will be updated automatically once the list is moved as this columns are default for the list.
So today I am showing step by step how to export a lust from SharePoint online or on-premises with screen shots:
  • So login to SharePoint site and open any one of List you would like
  • Now at the top of the page click LIST, to enlarge the ribbon.
  • Once we will click on List, In the Connect & Export section click Export to Excel.

  • From the yellow bar at the bottom click Open or save to your local system this will be for IE, I am working with MOZILA so it will be like below snap
  • If we will go to open exported list it will prompt excel security, click on enable and wait till it is getting open.

  • Now we can see the External Contacts list will open and I will see two additional columns Item Type and Path.  Don’t be confused by these as they’re just providing additional information about the items.


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