Saturday, 29 October 2016

How to create a site collection in SharePoint 2016

Create a site collection in SharePoint 2016
A site collection is the group of websites under a common top-level site with same owner on the site administrator.
Create a site collection by using Central Administration
Be sure, web application where you want to create website and define the template which you want to select when going to create site collection.
Also make sure you have administrative rights to do so for.
To create a site collection by using Central Administration
  • Click on windows start button and search SharePoint 2016 central admin and right click and open as an administrator like below:
  • Once CA page will get open, click on Application management from left side tab on Admin page.
  • Then Select Create site collection under the site collection option on the wizard page
  • As we told, you need to define which template you are going to use for site collection, there is four type of templates and also multiple site creating option with different different template.
  • In our case we are going with Team site, assign the required value and field on this page like; Site Title Name, Description of site, web URL address where want to publish this site, select template, assign primary and secondary administrator site administrator and quota.

  • Once all done click on ok Button to create site collection.
  • once site will created, it will look like below.
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