Saturday, 29 October 2016

Create Project Accounts in Project professional

1.    Delete all MSP Project Accounts.

2.    Launch Project Professional 2016, click File tab and select Account on the left hand navigation window. Then click the Switch Account.In popup click Add Account and enter your office365 user name (i.e., Click Next, enter password and click Signon.

3.    From Project Professional 2016, click the File tab and select the Info tab on the left hand navigatio menu.

4.    Click the Manage Accounts button in the Project Server Accounts section of the Information page.

5.    Project Server 2007 users will notice that Microsoft updated this dialog for Project 2016. Click the Add button and the system displays the Account Properties dialog.

6.    Enter a friendly name like (PS-EPM) for your new account in the Account Name field and enter a valid URL in the Project Server URL field. You must enter the URL with the Select the Set as default account option.

7.    Click the OK button.
·         If you enter a URL using the http:// protocol rather than the secure https:// protocol, the system displays a warning dialog. Ignore the warning by clicking the Yes button unless your server requires a secure URL.
8.    The system redisplays the Project Server Accounts dialog with your new account.

9.    In the Project Server Accounts dialog, select the Choose an account option.

10. After you create your Project Server login account profiles in Project Professional 2016, exit and then re-launch the software. This is a necessary step because creating your login accounts does not connect you to a Project Server instance.

11. The Login dialog pre-selects the account you set as the default account in the Project Server Accounts dialog. If you wish to connect using a different login account, dick the Profile pick list and select a different account. Note that the first time you connect to a Project Server instance, the Work Offline option is not available.

Click the OK button to connect to your desired Project Server instance. If the system cannot connect to the selected Project Server instance, it displays the Could not connect to Server dialog.

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