Friday, 2 September 2016

How to Join a Windows 10 PC to a Domain (Windows Server)

In our recent post we have described how to install windows 10, windows server, how to install Active directory and etc.
See below link to how to install and for remaining:

So today, we are writing about “How to Join a Windows 10 PC to a Domain” step by step with screen shots. As we know a domain based network provides us centralized administrator to control entire network from a single computer which we called Server.

To join a domain, we must first verify below requirement and information:
  1. Administrator privileged user account of domain server
  2. Name of Domain server
  3. Computer (Windows PC) should have assigned IP address manually or by DHCP server.
  4. We must verify firewall rule should enable or firewall should off.
  5. We must have administrator rights on the windows 10 computer

After all the above requirement or prerequisites, here we will go ahead to join windows 10 with domain.
In our case we are joining domain with windows server 2016 AD hosted server.

Below are the step by step solution to join domain:

  • Start windows 10 machine with administrator rights.
  • Verify firewall rules and current status, to check on windows search firewall and check the status.
  • We will verify IP address is assigned? And we will ping with server IP address if it’s pinging then we are set to for further step
  • Select start button and click on setting, it will go to setting wizard here click on system
  • Once we will click on system it will take us to another and here click on about then select Join a Domain on this page from right side

  • Once will click on JOIN A DOMAIN, It will ask to enter Domain name, so enter domain name and click next for user name and password of domain administrator and click ok.
  • It will ask to add an account, here we can assign user name and account type or we can skip as well, in our case we are skipping so we are clicking on skip, next will ask for restart.
  • So we have restarted our system successfully and we are on the login home page, here we can see the joined domain name appearing, now we are logging with test use to check the same.

  • Yes, we are able to login with domain user on this machine. And we have verified window 10 machine information is created on windows server.

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