Saturday, 3 September 2016

How to Create New Organization Unit using Windows interface on Windows Server 2016- Step by Step with screenshots

In our previous article we have installed windows server 2016, installing and configuring Active directory, join a machine with Domain and etc.…
See below link for above articles:

In this Article, we will learn the about “How to create OU in Active directory on Windows Server 2016”. OU (Organization Unit) is type of container where we can store Users, Computers, Groups and OUs. It’s used for organization structure to keep easy everything.
Creating Organizational Unit (OU) in Active directory:

  • We need to open Active Directory users and Computers, click on start button and click on administrator tools or user DSA.MSC command.
  • Here select Domain server rom active directory users and computers and right click on the domain, Select New> Organization Unit. See below:
  • Click on that, it will new wizard called OU here we will assign Name and click on ok.
Note: Check protect container from accidental deletion, it will protect for accident delete we can remove later on also.
  • Now we can see on the domain page new OU is created called “LAB”.
Here we can create or move Computers, users Groups and OUs same as usual method.

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