Wednesday, 8 November 2017

How to change default database server instance for SharePoint

Today we will see how to change the Database server instance name in SharePoint to get created Content DB by default in specified SQL instance.
In our case, we had one instance set default to get Create content under the same which is decommissioned recently but still, we are getting the old instance name under the Content DB page when we are trying to create the new CD.
Below are the steps to follow the same:
  • Open Central admin and click on Application Management option available left side of the screen.
  • Now select Specify the default database server under Database option, see below:

  • Here we will get an option to change the Content Database server name, we need to specify where to create content DB by default. Enter the SQL instance name where you want to create CD and click on ok, if you are using SQL server authentication, select account name and Password.

  • Once done, you may face an issue that database server instance is still showing as old, if yes please do IIS reset to take reflect on the same.

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